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About Tea Waste e-Auction

‘Tea Waste’ means tea sweepings, tea fluff, tea fiber or tea stalks or any article purporting to be tea which does not confirm to the specification for tea laid down under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act,1954 (37 of 1954) but does not include green tea or green tea stalks.
Tea Board of India has initiated the Tea Waste Auctions through this online platform. Only those users who are registered under the Tea Waste (Control) Order would be able to participate in the Electronic Auction of Tea Waste. This website will provide a common platform, from which Buyers and Sellers across India would be able to login to Buy and Offer Tea Waste, respectively.


  • Remote Bidding
  • Divisibility of Lots
  • Specific Auction timings
  • Secure and Transparent system
  • Online Tracking of Tea Waste


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